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How to promote creativity in a business?

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Creativity or generating new ideas helps businesses to become more innovative, when these ideas are practically implemented in products or services. Lubart T. & Stenberg R. (1999) show that

Creativity = Originality + Value.

To develop originality in employees and discover the added value of ideas, it is necessary to provide such environment and atmosphere that spark creativity.

There are several factors contributing to creativity in a business: Read More

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3 tips how to build a strong brand

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Some time ago during the seminar I was asked to tell briefly and concisely how to make your company a success story with the help of the marketing and how to build a strong brand. Typically, such a topic would be worth of intensive training for at least 2 days, and universities taught it in programs which are several months long. They say that in any profession it takes at least 10,000 hours to understand the subject and to learn how to apply it professionally in practice. That is why it also was a challenge for me – to summarize my marketing experience for more than 15 years in a few sentences and couple slides of presentations on how to build a strong brand. Read More