How to promote creativity in a business?

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Creativity or generating new ideas helps businesses to become more innovative, when these ideas are practically implemented in products or services. Lubart T. & Stenberg R. (1999) show that

Creativity = Originality + Value.

To develop originality in employees and discover the added value of ideas, it is necessary to provide such environment and atmosphere that spark creativity.

There are several factors contributing to creativity in a business: Read More

The power of brand consistency in communication

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Quite often marketing people hear that they “need to figure out something new”, “everyone is bored by this message”, “we need something new and fresh”. And there is this nagging feeling inside of us, which pushes us to start thinking about something new, fresh and different. Despite the fact that companies are obsessed by the idea of making something new, it turns out that consumers are not.

I think one of the most important and also the most difficult tasks of marketing is to maintain brand consistency in marketing activities. Brand consistency is the key to successful marketing. Read More

Feedback – how to encourage clients to share their experience?

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Imagine how fast your business could grow, if each satisfied customer shared their positive experience with friends, relatives or acquaintances?

Entrepreneurs tend to wonder why customers who are satisfied with the received product or service so rarely share their experience, leave no positive feedback, and do not share company’s offers in their social profile? But in case when customer is unhappy with a product or service, the negative feedback is quick to come.

Why does it happen like that, but not the other way around?

As in the private life, if we are happy, we want to announce it to the whole world, but if we are sad, we try to conceal it.

Studies show that a disgruntled customer with a negative experience will share it approximately to 4 people, a customer who is really excited to 1, but just completely satisfied – will not at all. Why?

A fully satisfied customer has received for the money that’s spent exactly what he was expecting for. Not more and not less. For him, it’s a regular and ordinary activity that is not supposed to be told to others, because it’s nothing special.

How to motivate customers to leave good feedback and is it really necessary?

Yes, it is necessary, the feedback is very important in any business sector. Thus, it gives an opportunity to improve the quality of products or services and adapt it to the needs of consumers.

Therefore, try to always exceed the customer’s expectations. Give him a little more than he expects – be creative!

  • If there is a chance, surprise the customer with a gift or a discount. Even though it would be banal, even a very symbolic gift, an extra product or a 5% discount can delight customers and give impetus to share their experience with others;
  • In an e-commerce industry, try to call your customer 2-3 days after he has received an order. The customer will already be able to evaluate the product and will be ready to share experience. Find out if he is completely satisfied with the product, delivery or service. If so, you can also say that you will be very happy to see his feedback on the company’s Facebook page or homepage. If something does not satisfy him – then you will have a unique opportunity to be the first one that learns about it, eliminate problems and improve the performance of your company. Customers will appreciate your caring attitude. A dissatisfied customer is a great opportunity to develop, and not every business uses it.

Feedback has a great power!

“If you won’t listen to your customers, somebody else will” – Sam Walton

Marketing outsourcing – an effective and beneficial solution for your business

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The benefits of using outsourcing or why an entrepreneur has to purchase services from the edge?

The world has long ago proven and entrepreneurs have realized that the purchase of services from the edge is not only more efficient but also better value for money. First of all, starting with the fact that a good professional is expensive, paying is not only a salary, but, of course, taxes, and even then all the other costs starting from the health insurance and ending with workplace equipment. Count the total cost of one specialist and you will understand and maybe even be surprised how much money you could pass on a marketing budget.

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3 tips how to build a strong brand

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Some time ago during the seminar I was asked to tell briefly and concisely how to make your company a success story with the help of the marketing and how to build a strong brand. Typically, such a topic would be worth of intensive training for at least 2 days, and universities taught it in programs which are several months long. They say that in any profession it takes at least 10,000 hours to understand the subject and to learn how to apply it professionally in practice. That is why it also was a challenge for me – to summarize my marketing experience for more than 15 years in a few sentences and couple slides of presentations on how to build a strong brand. Read More