Meeting and getting aligned on key objectives

We invite you to come to enjoy a cup of tasty coffee and discuss your company's needs, goals and challenges. To ensure smooth meeting, please complete the form beforehand. And no worries – the meeting is free-of-charge and does not bind you in any way in case you change your mind.

Development of individual proposal

Bearing in mind the needs and goals of your company, we’ll develop an offer to reach your objectives in the most effective way. We’ll calculate needed financing, time schedule and marketing return (if specific tactical solutions are selected ) or offer you the best way for market research, acquisition of additional data and development of a winning marketing strategy.

Development of marketing strategy and plan

We’ll analyse internal data available in the company, research market trends and competition. If necessary, we’ll carry out additional marketing studies for in-depth research of the target audience or competitive activities.

Creation of brand story

By employing specific marketing tools and involving the company’s employees in a special and professionally moderated “brainstorm” session, we will help to crystallize the most essential and unique about the company, product or service. This will further be elaborated to create a foundation for successful communication of your brand.

Development of visual identity and advertising materials

Based on the developed brand story and main values of the brand, we’ll develop the most suitable visual solutions both for the company’s logo and visual identity (e.g. business cards, letterheads, packaging design) as well as other advertising materials.

Implementation of marketing activities

We will help to implement all the suggested activities, making sure that everything takes place at the right time, right place and in the most efficient way possible.

Assessment of results and preparation of reports

You can manage only what you can measure! Therefore, we’ll analyse the return after each marketing campaign, prepare a review with suggestions and implement corrections whereas necessary.