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Digital marketing (online marketing) is now an essential part of business communication. Nowadays, a successful brand communication is not possible without online presence.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of online marketing activities, which helps to promote goods and services in the market. It is also widely used to promote brand awareness.

Digital marketing benefits

Promote brand or product awareness

Attract more customers to a company

Reduce cost per client attraction (CPA)

Increase sales volumes

Digital marketing services and prices

Development of digital marketing strategy and WEB analytics

Successful online communication is not possible without careful tracing of results. WEB analytics helps with objective assessment of each communication channel’s results as well as providing valuable information about your target audience and its behavioural traits. This information shapes the very foundation of digital marketing strategy for any company.


Digital marketing – what is included in development of the strategy and plan:

  • setting SMART goals,
  • selection of the most efficient ad channels,
  • audience segmentation,
  • development of ad sets for each segment of the sales funnel.


Development of digital marketing strategy – from EUR 1500 + VAT
Digital marketing audit – from EUR 850 + VAT

Development and optimisation of an efficient website

We develop functional, modern, user-friendly and efficient websites from A to Z.

The efficiency of a website is determined by the Conversion Rate – an effective website must generate purchases or promote other predefined valuable activities on the website (e.g. filled-in contact forms, sent price requests, signing up for news etc.). If the Conversion Rate is too low, the website is unable to perform its goal and thus must be redesigned or optimized.

The Conversion Rate Optimisation allows adjusting the website design and content for more effective sale of services or goods.


Development of websites – from EUR 4000 + VAT
Conversion Rate Optimisation – from EUR 1200 + VAT


Search Engine Optimization helps users with finding the company’s website through organic search results.

We deliver internal optimization of a website – research of key words, optimization of headings, descriptions and content according to certain keywords. We develop recommendations for improving technical aspects of a website to make the website more Google-friendly so that it could be found by using the search engine.

As a direct result, the website reaches larger interested audience looking for your goods or services. The website’s positions are improved gradually, but the first results can be seen in about 4-6 months after the Search Engine Optimization.


From EUR 1200 + VAT

Facebook ads and content marketing

Facebook is the leading social media where almost all companies can reach their target audience. To guarantee that all advertising activities are successful, one must craft smart ad campaigns, and not only individual advertisements. Professional ad campaigns can successfully promote brand awareness, increase visitor traffic, attract potential customers, increase sales volume, as well as ensure qualitative communication with the existing customers. Whereas re-marketing helps you to address those customers who have already shown interest in the company’s goods or services and increase the Conversion Rate with targeted ads.

We create unique, inclusive and user-valued content as well as develop effective ad campaigns oriented towards reaching specific business goals of our customers.


Content development – from EUR 450 + VAT
Creation or optimization of ad account (strategic planning, targeting, development of campaigns) – from EUR 250 + VAT
Advertising account management – from 150 EUR per month + VAT

Google Ads – Search, Display, YouTube

Advertisements in Google Search network target users who have already shown interest in goods and services similar to yours. An ad in Google Search network enables you to rapidly elevate your offer higher than the results of organic search which, in turn, guarantees better access to the interested audience and affects traffic to your website and sales volumes.

Google Display network allows creating banner ads. Whereas YouTube is a great tool to reach wider audience through video content. This audience is not yet looking for your products, but thanks to powerful target audience selection options there is a greater probability that this audience will show interest in your goods or services. Furthermore, ads in Google Display network are a powerful re-marketing tool, enabling you to once more reach your potential customers with customized stories, thus increasing your Conversion Rate.


Creation or optimization of ad account (strategic planning, targeting, development of campaigns) – from EUR 250 + VAT
Advertising account management – from 150 EUR per month + VAT

Digital marketing – AIDA model

AIDA model demonstrates a customer’s path to a purchase. Specific digital marketing channels can also be applied to each stage of the funnel:

ATTENTION or Awareness – attracting attention or promoting awareness. The best channels for these goals are Google Display, YouTube and Facebook.

INTEREST – a huge role in this stage is attributed to the company’s website since the individual is already interested and willing to learn more about your services or goods. People usually look into more information as well as compare your offer with that of your competitors. Therefore, it is crucial for the client to find your website through Google system to carry out such investigation. The Search Engine Optimization and ads in Google Search network will help with reaching this goal.

DESIRE stage’s communication goal is to shift one’s thinking from “I am interested in that” to “I need that”. To this end, use Facebook and Google display channels where the principle of remarketing is used.

ACTION – a purchase or other valuable action which can be taken by a person to accept the company’s offer. Depending on the digital marketing strategy and goals, a valuable action can be any action allowing the company to reach its digital marketing goals (e.g. purchase, filling-in account form, signs to receive news).


Ilona MuižnieceSIA “Walmark” brand manager

Highly appreciate “Marsieši” Facebook profile management. The materials are always professionally made and correspond to seasonal trends, which resulted in impressive growth of the folowers’ base. As a client I can give the best feedback about “Marketing Angels” professionalism, envolvement and creativity.

Jānis ValdmanisManager of the Dr.Apines clinic

Marketing Angels is professional experts’ team, which helped us shape the business from the very basics, starting from the marketing strategy development, brand building and finally planning and execution of various marketing activities.

Aigars Muižnieks«Premium Solutions» director

Marketing Angels helped my business to come up with the simple and differentiated brand positioning as well as define the main values and brand story. They managed to catch the essence of the brand perfectly, which we couldn’t figure out ourselves for a long time.

Aira EgleConfectionery "Šarlote" manager

While I was searching for help in Google, angels appeared. New and beautiful brand was created, we have positioned who we are. They are very responsive, fast and everything goes according to plan. I can feel their genuine interest in how we are doing. Thanks for pushing and reminding about what has to be done in order not to depart from the goal. They can see things from aside, which we couldn’t even think of. Definitely recommend, their ideas have no boundaries! 🙂

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