Apines dental clinic

Unique brand positioning and effective marketing plan

Customer’s challenge

Dr. Apine dentistry came to us after 5 years of working in the field. Having tried several marketing attempts, they’ve realized they need professional and strategic approach to marketing their business.

The capacity of the clinic only partially employed. So the aim was to fully employ the resources. Besides, being one of over 350 dentistry clinics in Riga – how to stand out?

Marketing Angels’ solution

We made:

  • Customer research to identify customers’ needs
  • Unique brand positioning to stand out from the crowd

Unique brand positioning based on customer insights

We made a research to understand what drives people to choose one or another dentistry and what it is they like and dislike about the dentistries in general. Together with the client we have redefined the brand positioning of the clinic to stand out from the crowd. Given the clinic was founded by mother and daughter, both professional dentists with passion to medicine rooted in 4 generations, combined with customers’ need for empathetic attitude and service, we’ve created the brand positioning – The first dentistry in Riga with family feeling.

Refined marketing strategy and marketing mix in line with the brand positioning

We created:

  • Marketing strategy that is in line with the brand positioning
  • New innovative services
  • Simple and transparent pricing policy

We redesigned the whole marketing strategy and marketing mix to correspond to the new brand positioning of the dentistry with the family feeling. The client agreed to change the clinic’s reception to make it feel more like at home. Based on our recommendations the clinic introduced several new and innovative services, like SOS service for patients with acute pain, Family card as well as headphones with relaxing music for patients to feel more comfortable during the procedure.
Together with the client we made pricing policy more simple and transparent, as one of the findings in the research was that people never know how much they will pay for the dentist visit.
One of the main success factors in the marketing plan’s implementation was the client’s courage, commitment and active participation to bring all the ideas to life and involve all the employees in the process of change.

Modern responsive webpage

We created:

  • Responsive website that communicates the brand values
  • Online appointment form
  • “Ask a dentist” section that provides answers to customers’ individual questions

We developed a new responsive webpage, which communicates Dr. Apine dentistry’s brand positioning and customer benefits. We added also online appointment form for clients to be able to apply for a dentist visit online. Besides, in order to educate people about dentistry and provide instant advice, we created the section “Ask a dentist”, where people can ask a question and get professional answer.

Effective marketing activities plan

We developed:

  • Marketing activities plan for a year with exact ideas, budgets and timings
  • Untraditional approach to advertising

We developed marketing communication plan for the year to reach the aim of 100% filling the clinic’s capacity. Taking into account the budget frames we designed the communication plan with exact marketing activities, ideas, budgets and timings. In all marketing activities we kept friendly and positive communication style following the brand values. We helped the client implement the biggest part of the marketing activities, the rest the client did themselves. We used untraditional and brave approach in communication, which gave great results, for example, created an internet video advertising about the scared bunny, who was afraid to go to dentist, but when he arrived to Dr. Apine clinic, the fear has gone for good.

Overwhelming results – 4 times more customers

We launched the new website on July 2016 and right after started all the marketing activities. As a result in the end of the year Dr. Apine clinic not only 100% employed the existing capacity, but also opened additional premises to double the capacity of the clinic.

How the client feels about it

“When virtual and real life is saturated with all kinds of different offers and advertising, it is crucial for a business to stand out and build its own identity. This is only possible with the help of professionals. Marketing Angels is professional experts’ team, which helped us shape the business from the very basics, starting from the marketing strategy development, brand building and finally planning and execution of various marketing activities.
I highly appreciate Marketing Angels’ attitude, discipline in project management and creativity in searching for non-traditional ways of doing things. Thank you for that!”

Jānis Valdmanis
Manager of the Dr.Apines clinic