Marsieši vitamīni

Vitamins “Marsieši”

Interactive digital solutions

Customer’s challenge

“Marsieši” (Martians)  – multivitamins for 3-12 year old kids. The client came to us for a help in organizing a campaign in one of the pharmacy chains, aiming to reach two goals: increase the sales of “Marsieši” vitamins and educate children and their parents about the simple principles of healthy lifestyle.

Marketing Angels’ solution

We created:

  • Creative campaign concept
  • Augmented reality solution to educate kids about healthy lifestyle
  • Exclusive event for kids, attended by 96%

Campaign with interactive, sales driving and educational elements

We have developed a creative concept, where for every purchase of vitamins everyone got a small “Marsieši” booklet with the simple tips on leading a healthy lifestyle in a way kids would understand (no lengthy texts, a lot of visual information, e.g., which products Martians say “YES” to, which products they say “NO”, etc.). Besides that we made the cover of the booklet interactive with the help of augmented reality. Having downloaded the free application on the phone and scanning the “Marsieši” booklet cover, a real Martian literally jumped out of the booklet, waved with the hand and started showing different excercises. Such unusual and innovative solution provoked a lot of positive reaction amongst kids, parents as well as pharmacists.

Thirdly, everyone, who bought the vitamins, could participate in a lottery and win two of the 130 invitations to the exclusive event – “Expedition to Universe together with Martians”.

Successful Content marketing strategy and Facebook communication

We created:

  • Successful content marketing strategy
  • Effective Facebook communication to increase followers’ base and engagement
  • From almost 0 to 6000 Facebook followers in the first year

Following the rule of 70/30 relevant content/commercial information, we developed the relevant content strategy, providing several themes to talk about with people, like interesting or useful facts about healthy lifestyle, especially for kids, easy and healthy recipes for kids, different simple games to occupy kids while parents are busy or play altogether, and, of course, product information. We used different types of posts, such as pictures, videos, gifs, voting, etc. to make the content more appealing and worked a lot with the engagement.

Steep growth of Facebook followers

We started communication in Facebook with 142 followers in October 2016. In one years’ time we managed to increase the number of “Marsieši” followers to 6000, and in another half a year’s time the followers’ base has grown by 39%.

Number of “Marsieši” Facebook profile followers

folowers in one year’s time

How the client feels about it

Although kids vitamins “Marsieši” (Martians) are well known and loved, marketing in this category is no longer about the product, but rather about the brand story/essence and added value provided by the brand to its customers.
“Marketing Angels” team created a great format for communicating the brand story and added value to customers – everyday healthy lifestyle habits assitant for parents and kids. They designed a special booklet, which nobody wants to through out, as once scanned with a smartphone, the Martian character literally jumps out of the booklet and starts moving. This idea was adopted also by Lithuanian Walmark colleagues and the project has received the Walmark headquarters award for creativity and non-traditional approach to sales promotion.
We also highly appreciate “Marsieši” Facebook profile management. The materials are always professionally made and correspond to seasonal trends, which resulted in impressive growth of the folowers’ base.

As a client I can give the best feedback about “Marketing Angels” professionalism, envolvement and creativity.

Ilona Muižniece
SIA “Walmark” brand manager