Google Ads

Google Ads – Search, Display, YouTube

Advertisements in Google Search network target users who have already shown interest in goods and services similar to yours. An ad in Google Search network enables you to rapidly elevate your offer higher than the results of organic search which, in turn, guarantees better access to the interested audience and affects traffic to your website and sales volumes.

Google Display network allows creating banner ads. Whereas YouTube is a great tool to reach wider audience through video content. This audience is not yet looking for your products, but thanks to powerful target audience selection options there is a greater probability that this audience will show interest in your goods or services. Furthermore, ads in Google Display network are a powerful re-marketing tool, enabling you to once more reach your potential customers with customized stories, thus increasing your Conversion Rate.


Creation or optimization of ad account

from EUR 250 + VAT
(strategic planning, targeting, development of campaigns)

Advertising account management

from 150 EUR per month + VAT

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